If you have been following me and my blog you have definitely seen Erika’s beautiful face before. I have been so honored to have been able to photograph so many of her major life events including her wedding last year. Over the years Erika (and her husband Edwin) have become great friends of my wife and I making our trip to Arizona a couple of months ago so much more fun.

Since Erika lives just a couple of hours from Sedona we turned a work trip into a fun trip as well. We all were going to be in Sedona for the wedding I was shooting I figured we would take that opportunity to do a fun session with Erika and her dress! Erika had been dying to put her dress on again (rightfully so, its AMAZING) and I always have such a great time when I photograph her so it was just the right thing to do. Now I will be honest. When I first found out I was shooting in Sedona and then doing this shoot I knew it was going to be cool but I really couldn’t imagine the level of cool it actually was! I think I didn’t want to get myself too excited and then be let down by all the hype. Well once I actually saw how AMAZING Sedona was and we actually started exploring and scouting for spots to do this shoot I turned into a giddy little kid. I once again COULD.NOT.WAIT to photograph Erika and combine her natural beauty with the stunning landscapes of Sedona!

We hiked, climbed, sweat, and caught the stares of many tourists all for the sake of getting “the shot” and it has to be one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my photography career. These images turned out so much more spectacular than I could have ever dreamed and I couldn’t thank Erika enough for being such a trooper and being so willing to do whatever it took to feed my creative vision.

Enjoy the photos!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the film look these B&W images have.

Blog-Collage-1443541601921 Blog-Collage-1443541653086

Being a wedding photographer has really let me see and travel to some amazing places. Photographing a wedding in Sedona, Arizona is definitely the poster child for that! When Ben hired me to be his wedding photographer in Sedona I got excited but I think I held back a little so if all the descriptions I have heard about the red rocks and landscapes were exaggerated I wouldn’t be let down. Well I for sure wasn’t let down! It was a wedding photographers dream! Not only was the landscape of Sedona one of that best I have ever seen but Monica and Ben were the perfect couple to photograph there. Sure everyone is having the best day of their lives on their wedding day but Monica and Ben just had that spark that makes everything almost magical. The wedding ceremony was a beautiful event that really showed this couples relationship and love for each other. Every part of this wedding just had the right amount of simplicity mixed in with genuine emotion and excitement. Then lets bring back the amazing scenery I got to use as my backdrop and you have a very happy photographer. Being asked to travel to a wedding is always a great honor but when the wedding is as great as Monica and Ben’s it makes me feel that much more blessed to be a part of it!

Enjoy the images!

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