Julia & Toby :: Married :: Sugarbowl Wedding Photography :: Truckee Wedding Photography

To say Julia and Toby are outdoorsy people would be an understatement. They are always out hiking, skiing, running, something! So when I heard they were doing their wedding at Sugarbowl Ski Resort I thought it was quite fitting, however I wasn’t expecting how amazing Sugarbowl was going to be for a wedding. Everything played into the outdoorsy theme and the personalities of Julia and Toby. It all worked and made finding locations to do photos VERY easy on one hand, but picking which spots to use was hard!!!

First stop was the ski lodge for getting ready pics and preparation for the day!

(and yes, that lift does say “Disney Express”. Walt Disney was one of the first investors in the resort. As a thank you the owner, a friend of Disney’s, named the mountain after him!)

The guys were pretty much ready to go when I got there so I just did all their photos at the ceremony site.

The ceremony took place on a deck overlooking Lake Mary. Breath-taking is probably the best word I can think of to describe it. Not only was it amazing for the wedding itself, but for photos it was perfect and helped bring Julia and Toby’s lifestyle into their day.

Now as a wedding photographer one of the biggest problems I run into is not having enough time to do the bride and groom portraits. For Julia and Toby, I don’t think it would ever be possible to have enough time at this location for their photos! I was on overload with locations. There was a lake with boats, so that was a given for pics! There was lots of great wooded areas with great light…another no brainer. Then one of the staff asked if we wanted to go to the Donner Lake overlook point…..YES YES YES!! We were running short on time, but we didn’t care! The images we got on the rocks over Donner Lake were AMAZING!!!! Totally worth being late to the reception!

(I could seriously do an entire post filled with Julia and Toby’s portraits, but I have to just show a few of my favorites!)

The reception. Along with being “outdoorsy”, music plays a big part in Julia and Toby’s life. It’s so much a part of their life that the reception was very centered around the musicality of their families. After the necessities were done like cake, toasts, bouquet and garter toss, etc., the reception became a jam session. Toby played his ukulele, Julia’s Dad played keyboards, some other guests hoped on stage and “plugged in”, and Toby’s brother did some great Johnny Cash vocals. Everyone had a great time dancing and singing along. A perfect way to celebrate!


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